My comfort food and house hunting update

ENCHILADAS. Omg, my comfort food. Like today… I was feeling super down after the news that our offer wasn’t accepted on the house that I fell in love with. To be honest, I got too mentally and emotionally invested in it. I had start interior decorating in my head, imagining Ava growing up there and so forth. That is definitely an indicator that it was the right house to offer on but it really hurt when we didn’t get it. I didn’t sleep well.


You know what sucked the most? The seller’s agent told our agent that they really wanted our family to have the house to enjoy as they had with their kids. WELL THEN ACCEPT OUR OFFER YOU YAHOOS!


So I woke up still feel super crappy. I also didn’t get my hubs even a card for valentine’s day which is honestly super unlike me. Major guilty feelings there. Add that to I am twelve days away from returning to work and freaking out.


I’m a flat out ball of emotion and anxiety. [head thumps onto the table]


What we were talking about before I started my rant? Oh… enchiladas…


Yup at 10am this morning I made enchiladas. Comfort food, my friends, knows no clocks. Gooey, meaty, cheesy, smoky chile yumminess is all I need right now.


Now you’re probably sitting there thinking… thanks for making me hungry, now where is the damn recipe? Have no fear I will be posting quite a few enchiladas recipes. Including how to make your own sauces (both paleo and not so paleo), paleo tortillas, and favorite combinations. But for quick and easy comfort enchiladas here is my go to: frontera enchilada sauce packet, blue corn tortillas (my local wegmans has a great organic brand), cheese, and either shredded chicken or barbados. boom. Done in 20 minutes!

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