We’re going to buy a house!

Hubs and I are experience a first together… buying a home!

Last year we had to make a choice to buy right before we had the baby or after. Although mortgage rates have climbed since then, it was still the right decision to wait, because you know I was getting that house set up at all before baby. Her nursery wasn’t even done until she was 2 months old!

Buying a house in our area is ROUGH! We live in northern Virginia in the DC metro area which is crazy expensive. We have to live 45 minutes outside the city to have a decent home. Now yes, we could get a small starter home, condo or townhouse for less. However, we have moved SO MUCH we want one house for our daughter to grow up in. We also want a big yard, a neighborhood, and my husband we love to have a lot of land. Sadly we may be giving up the large land to keep up within an hour of the city (my husband works at the Capitol).

We had two routes, buy a cheaper home and invest a lot of time and money into updated it, or top out the budget with a near perfect move in ready home and not have to spend a lot of time updating and use the extra money for furnishing. To be honest, our time is stretched thin so we are opting for a near perfect house that would only have small projects left. How stretched thin? well for the next four months my husband works full time (gone 12 hours a day with commuting) volunteers at the fire department and has duty crew one night a week or sometimes a weekend day, then has his EMT class for the fire department 2 nights per week and one whole weekend day, oh and I work full time Sunday through Thursday. And we have Ava. Thin is being generous.

But despite all that… we are SO PUMPED for this adventure!

Our first house hunting weekend was VERY successful. We saw 5 properties, even one with 5 acres! I fell in love with this house, and negotiated with my husband to give him the entire basement to build his workshop in. We put in an offer so we will see what happens!

stay tuned…


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